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Wright Beamer Founder Tea…

Wright Beamer Founder Teaches Estate Planning to Lawyers

William M. Wright – founder and of counsel attorney with Wright Beamer, PLC – recently taught a seminar at the Probate and Estate Planning Institute’s sessions in Traverse City and Plymouth. The Institute, which is sponsored by the Institute of… Read More
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A New Burden for Agents U…

A New Burden for Agents Under Powers of Attorney

In an effort to prevent potential abuse of elders and other vulnerable adults, the Michigan legislature recently added a new provision to the law governing durable powers of attorney. Powers of attorney, in a nutshell, are documents whereby we design… Read More
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Tell Me Again Why I’ve…

Tell Me Again Why I’ve Been Disinherited?

It’s long been the law in Michigan that someone who “feloniously and intentionally” kills another cannot inherit from the person he or she killed. On October 1, 2012, this law will be expanded to also prevent people convicted of abuse, neglect… Read More
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“Sign That for Me, Will…

“Sign That for Me, Will You Please?” New Rules for Durable Powers of Attorney

Scarcely a day goes by around here that someone in the office doesn’t mention durable powers of attorney. Before you start thinking that our water cooler conversations must be really boring, remember that we are a law office, where things like powe… Read More
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