Ownership Compensation an…

Ownership Compensation and LLCs

One significant advantage of organizing a business as a limited liability company is the flexibility it affords. A single-member LLC can be taxed as a sole proprietorship, a multi-member LLC can be taxed as a partnership, and both single-member and m… Read More
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Consistency is the Best Policy

“But that’s not our policy.” How many times have you heard this or repeated this to someone else in the workplace? Clear, consistent policies help shape reasonable expectations among partners, managers and co-workers. But inconsistent policies… Read More
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Getting Down to Business…

Getting Down to Business… The Business of Business Courts, That Is

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word “litigation?” Expensive? Inefficient? Unpredictable? Effective October 17, 2012, Michigan’s Public Act 333 (“Act”) was designed to respond to these common concerns. The Act r… Read More
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Agreement to Agree is No Agreement

What happens when parties in a business negotiation “punt” a difficult decision down the field to a later day? Rather than finalize terms on an important issue, they simply pledge that they will “agree to agree” at some point in the future. O… Read More
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What’s a Disgruntled Sh…

What’s a Disgruntled Shareholder to Do? Shareholder Litigation under the Michigan Business Corporation Act

The great majority of Wright Beamer’s corporate clients are privately owned companies with one or more shareholder or member. Ideally, where multiple shareholders exist, they have established their respective rights and responsibilities within a se… Read More
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Employment Applications:…

Employment Applications: The Top Ten

Preparing an employment application used to be pretty standard stuff: name, address, education, employment history, criminal records, right? But that old form has undergone some serious scrutiny in recent years, and questions that used to be consider… Read More
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“I Agreed to What?” B…

“I Agreed to What?” Battle of the Forms Basics

Like most states, Michigan has adopted Section 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, which governs business transactions involving the sale of goods. One common problem that arises between commercial suppliers is a conflict between the terms and conditio… Read More
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