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Don’t Gamble with Your…

Don’t Gamble with Your Contracts

Gamblers know that casinos enjoy a “house edge” – a small but statistically significant mathematical advantage in games ensuring that over an extended period, the “house” will prevail. Likewise, savvy employers understand that well-drafted,… Read More
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Illinois Workplace Transp…

Illinois Workplace Transparency Act

On January 1, 2020, the “Workplace Transparency Act” will take effect in Illinois. The Act is a sweeping piece of legislation designed to protect victims of harassment and discrimination in the workplace. It applies to nearly every employer in Il… Read More
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Refining the Fine Print

Arbitration is a dispute resolution process for resolving conflicts outside of the court system. Like a judge, the arbitrator (or arbitration panel) renders a binding decision at the conclusion of the case. Arbitration has sometimes been viewed as mo… Read More
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When a Jury Beats a Judge

When a Jury Beats a Judge

I represent a lot of companies in disputes with customers, suppliers, and employees. Conventional wisdom says that a judge or “bench trial” is preferred for a corporate defendant rather than a trial by jury. Many contracts and employment… Read More
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Consistency is the Best P…

Consistency is the Best Policy

“But that’s not our policy.” How many times have you heard this or repeated this to someone else in the workplace? Clear, consistent policies help shape reasonable expectations among partners, managers and co-workers. But inconsistent policies… Read More
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Arbitration Provisions in…

Arbitration Provisions in Employment Agreements

Including arbitration provisions in employment agreements can help to reduce the risk of expensive and time consuming litigation by requiring a dispute to be resolved by a neutral arbitrator, rather than through the court system. Generally speaking,… Read More
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Paying “Volunteers” M…

Paying “Volunteers” Might Start a Fire

“Employee” or “Independent Contractor”? Throughout my twenty year career, I have analyzed and argued this question on behalf of a host of clients in multiple industries. Depending on how a worker is classified, the paying company may or may n… Read More
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Updated Family and Medica…

Updated Family and Medical Leave Act Forms

Employers who fall within the definition of “qualifying employers” under the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) should be aware of recent updates which took effect this past March, and which require the use of updated FMLA forms from the U… Read More
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What’s Trending in Your…

What’s Trending in Your Workplace?

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) publishes a biennial survey of human relations professionals and recently came out with its 2013 edition. SHRM’s “Workplace Forecast” includes the ten overall key issues that HR professionals fee… Read More
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“Get Shorty” Shorteni…

“Get Shorty” Shortening the Window for Employee Lawsuits

From an employer’s perspective, keeping up with the law can sometimes seem daunting. But, even as federal and state legal and regulatory requirements grow, carefully drafted employment agreements can help to reduce the risk of costly litigation ini… Read More
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