Arbitration Provisions in…

Arbitration Provisions in Employment Agreements

Including arbitration provisions in employment agreements can help to reduce the risk of expensive and time consuming litigation by requiring a dispute to be resolved by a neutral arbitrator, rather than through the court system. Generally speaking,… Read More
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Paying “Volunteers” M…

Paying “Volunteers” Might Start a Fire

“Employee” or “Independent Contractor”? Throughout my twenty year career, I have analyzed and argued this question on behalf of a host of clients in multiple industries. Depending on how a worker is classified, the paying company may or may n… Read More
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What’s Trending in Your…

What’s Trending in Your Workplace?

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) publishes a biennial survey of human relations professionals and recently came out with its 2013 edition. SHRM’s “Workplace Forecast” includes the ten overall key issues that HR professionals fee… Read More
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