Tell Me Again Why I’ve…

Tell Me Again Why I’ve Been Disinherited?

It’s long been the law in Michigan that someone who “feloniously and intentionally” kills another cannot inherit from the person he or she killed.  On October 1, 2012, this law will be expanded to also prevent people convicted of abuse, neglec… Read More
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Discovery? Sounds Excitin…

Discovery? Sounds Exciting!

On television, lawsuits get started at the beginning of the episode and end up in a dramatic courtroom showdown before the hour is over.  In the real world, lawsuits typically stretch over months (and years).  The bulk of that time is devoted to th… Read More
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On Your Mark, Get Set . .…

On Your Mark, Get Set . . . Whoa!

With visitors from across the globe flooding London to catch a glimpse of the 2012 Olympic Games in recent weeks, a London area cab company planned to attract business by painting the five interlocking rings – the trademarked symbol of the Olympic… Read More
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Preparing for Surprise DOL Investigations

In this ‘In the Know’ segment, attorney Dirk Beamer of Wright Beamer talks about what your business can do to prepare for surprise Department of Labor investigations, which have been on the rise recently. Be prepared, and don’t hesitate to cont… Read More
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“Sign That for Me, Will…

“Sign That for Me, Will You Please?” New Rules for Durable Powers of Attorney

Scarcely a day goes by around here that someone in the office doesn’t mention durable powers of attorney. Before you start thinking that our water cooler conversations must be really boring, remember that we are a law office, where things like powe… Read More
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Will the Next Scammer Ple…

Will the Next Scammer Please Step Forward?

It was just weeks ago that I wrote about the dramatic increase in tax scams.  Now I need to pass along news of another kind of scam. One of our clients whose trademarks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently recei… Read More
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Michigan “Mini-Tort”…

Michigan “Mini-Tort” to Increase to $1,000 on October 1

Under Michigan’s No Fault automobile insurance system, negligent drivers typically don’t pay for the property damage they cause.  Instead, victims turn to their insurance carriers for property damage coverage.  Since most drivers carry insuranc… Read More
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Can You Shout at a Swim M…

Can You Shout at a Swim Meet?

My three kids joined the swim team at our local pool club this spring.  My sons are thirteen, and my daughter is eleven.  Although all three are active in various sports, Jessica and I were especially proud of their willingness to step into somethi… Read More
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Michigan’s Peace of Min…

Michigan’s Peace of Mind Registry Leads the Way

It’s summer, and sooner or later, most of us will get around to taking that much needed, and long overdue, vacation. Doubtless, the first thing we’ll remember to pack will be our health care advance directive or patient advocate designation docum… Read More
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Here’s to What Unites t…

Here’s to What Unites the United States on the Fourth of July

In the timely update below, Kathy Spray explains the constitutional issues behind the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision upholding key provisions of the president’s controversial health care legislation.  Predictably, some folks are hailing th… Read More
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